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Commercial Radon Testing

You’ve already invested significant amounts of time and money into your business—so why overlook one of the most pressing health risks in any building in the United States? Radon gas has no color, odor, or taste, yet it’s present in thousands of commercial properties across the country.

Here’s why that matters.

Not only radioactive, radon is also a documented cause of lung cancer and the second-highest leading cause of lung cancer deaths behind smoking. If you own or manage a commercial property, you need to invest in office radon testing.

At RadonAway, we’ve been performing commercial radon testing across the United States since 1989, and we have vetted local professionals in your area ready to examine your office and mitigate any radon that is present.

From radon testing to removal, we’ll be your expert, step by step!

Trusted Local Professionals for Commercial Radon Tests

Understanding your building’s unique radon risk is the first step to preventing the dangerous build-up of this carcinogenic gas. Because radon most often forms in the ground below buildings, even two offices side by side can have vastly different indoor radon levels—and may require quite different approaches to mitigation.

With RadonAway, you won’t have to worry.

Our commercial radon tests are always completed by skilled professionals and designed for accuracy. We’ll take into account:

  • Your Building Construction
  • Ground and Soil Conditions
  • Time of Year
  • Proper Testing Location
  • Ambient Weather Conditions
  • Any Possible Test Interferences

With NRRP and NRSB certification, all members of the RadonAway Authorized Professional Network are trained and qualified for proper commercial radon testing. We’ll even provide follow-up testing to ensure that our preliminary results are accurate before moving forward with mitigation.

Protect Your Business by Scheduling Office Radon Testing Today

At RadonAway, we (and our thousands of happy clients across the country!) know that healthy employees and healthy customers mean a healthy business. Don’t take chances on workplace health and safety—schedule a commercial radon consultation today.

Radon testing is quick and easy!

Call RadonAway today to get connected with a vetted, nationally certified radon technician in your area. To get started with office radon testing right away, send in your request via our online form now.