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Radon Mitigations

Testing your property for radon is the first step in determining whether your home or business is at risk—if the results come back showing elevated levels, professional radon mitigation is essential to restore a safe, healthy living space.

RadonAway offers the local solution you need for expert radon mitigation that is quick, affordable, and backed by a performance guarantee. As members of The RadonAway Authorized Professional Network, our contractors are:

  • Fully Vetted to Ensure Quality Service
  • Certified Nationally and/or State Licensed
  • Experienced—with 100+ Mitigations per Year
  • Dedicated to Using the Best Radon Mitigation Solutions

Three Simple Steps to Successful Radon Removal and Mitigation

Keeping your home’s interior radon levels below 2 pCi/L is ideal, but when you see results above that, RadonAway can help. Mitigating unacceptably high levels of radon can be done quickly by our skilled contractors in three easy steps:

  1. Diagnostic Evaluation: There are many different factors that can contribute to high radon levels, including home design, soil, and the time of year. Our contractors have the knowledge and training to evaluate your specific situation and recommend the correct course of action for radon removal.
  2. Home Sealing: Every home has cracks and gaps that present an opportunity for radon gas to enter from the surrounding soil. Professional sealing of problem areas within your property can reduce the amount of radon in your living space.
  3. System Installation: We use a variety of mitigation systems, depending on the unique needs of each home. Active soil depressurization (ASD), heat recovery ventilators, and an airborne radon system are all effective strategies for keeping radon at a safe level.

Even after your radon mitigation is complete, it is important to stay on top of changing conditions and the current radon level in your home. Regular testing should be done following the installation of a radon mitigation system, and it is wise to retest your home every two years.

Start Protecting Your Home Today with Expert Radon Mitigation

You don’t want to take any risks when it comes to your family’s health or the safety of your commercial building, and RadonAway can help protect your property by delivering guaranteed radon testing and mitigation services. Contact us today to learn more, or request a free quote from a skilled contractor now by submitting our brief online form.