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Radon Mitigation Process

Since 1989, RadonAway has been the nation’s most trusted radon mitigation provider, serving families all across the United States. As members of the RadonAway Authorized Professional Network,our local crews have been carefully vetted and maintain certification from the National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) and the National Radon Safety Board (NRSB).

If you have radon in your home, we’re the one to call!

We offer a step-by-step process for radon mitigation that starts and ends where it matters most: the health, safety, and satisfaction of your family. We build custom solutions to remove radon and keep your family safe from this cancer-causing radioactive gas.

Thorough and Professional Radon Mitigation Process

There are several aspects of radon removal that make the process more challenging—for example, the fact that radon is odorless and colorless, or that the risk of the presence of radon can vary dramatically, even among houses on the same block.

Fortunately, RadonAway is trained for these challenges and more.

With 30+ years of experience and up-to-date licensing and certifications, we understand radon inside and out. Our radon mitigation process is designed to reduce the levels of this hazardous gas in the most effective yet cost-effective way possible.

Depending on your climate, home build, and other unique considerations, your radon removal process may include:

  1. Initial Testing: The only way to know whether your home has radon is to test for it, as even brand-new homes may present dangerous levels. We offer short- and long-term testing, as well as second-round testing, to make sure results are reliable.
  2. Air Mitigation: Most radon seeps up from the soil through cracks in the foundation, crawl space, or walls. We can install an active soil depressurization (ASD) system that suctions radon away and blows it out through a specially designed fan.
  3. Water Mitigation: Although less common, some homes are exposed to radon through the water supply. We can test your water and install an aeration or granular activated carbon (GAC) system to reduce levels.
  4. Follow-up Testing: After we’ve installed your radon removal solution, we’ll test again to make sure that the levels are safe for your loved ones.

Long after the radon mitigation process has been completed, we’ll still be here! You can count on us to complete the recommended two-year testing along with all required equipment maintenance.

Don’t Delay Radon Mitigation! Make Your Home Safer Today

Finding radon in your home can be scary, but the residential radon removal process is simple and straightforward with RadonAway. Our local partners are fully insured and must complete at least 100 mitigations to maintain their affiliation with us! Call us or fill out our online form to get started on your radon removal right away.