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Easy and quick

The long-term radon test was super easy to conduct, just place the detector where you want to test and then send it in to their lab. Results arrived in my email and then my mail a few days later, super quick and easy.

Very Impressed

We did a radon test in our house. I mis-read the results and thought we were in need of radon removal so I contacted them. They were prompt in responding. After I looked at the results more closely I realized we were NOT in need of random removal. They were very gracious in offering me a referral to another company to do longer-term testing to support our results. I very much appreciated their honesty and integrity. I highly recommend them!

Thorough and professional

Our radon levels were 100times the recommended limit! Through a series of measures steps, the radon was reduced to an acceptable level. The process was smooth, and always felt like care was being taken to fit the job to the space and not just to get the job done as fast as possible. The thoughtful, thorough approach took a bit longer than some estimates, but the peace of mind after the job was done was worth it. We never felt like we were getting a “cookie cutter” solution to our complex problem.

Great Company!

Highly Recommend!