Get Started

Select a date and time that works best for you and we’ll connect you with a Radon Professional to discuss your upcoming assessment. Our team will set up a video conference with you from the comfort of your own home using Visual Quoter, our easy-to-use video conference tool, using your mobile device or home computer. We are always a phone call away if any technical difficulties arise. During the call, we'll talk to you about our company and hear from you about your home and its radon levels.


2. Receive A Link

Our team will send you a link that you can open on your mobile device to get a video chat started. No need to download an app, just simply click through the instructions sent and choose to start a video chat! If a rep is not available, you can always submit a video which will then be reviewed by our team and have a professional contact you.


3. Contact-Free Consultation

Our Radon Professional will video chat with you and you’ll have the opportunity to show us your home and share your vision. We will then share exciting kit options and ideas for how we can lower or even eliminate your present radon levels.

* Your Radon Professional may ask you to provide some additional photos and measurements of your home in order to better assist you.


4. No Obligation Quote

Once you and your Radon Professional have selected the right solution for your radon situation, you will receive a detailed quote.